Glerups | Wool Boot Slipper - Grey
Glerups | Wool Boot Slipper - Grey
Glerups | Wool Boot Slipper - Grey
Glerups | Wool Boot Slipper - Grey
Glerups | Wool Boot Slipper - Grey

Glerups | Wool Boot Slipper - Grey

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About the Glerups Wool Boot Slipper:

It's a beauty for all genders. 100% pure wool Glerups comfort and warmth right up to the ankles. The Boot gets high marks for leaving little room for the cold to get in - no socks please! The ultimate indoor antidote to the chilly ways of Canada’s winter.

Glerups become you.

Glerups will adjust to your foot shape after just a few uses, making them more comfortable with every wear.

Glerups removed the itch and left the comfort.

Glerups unique felting process removes the itch of wool. 100% pure wool and 100% no itch. Now that’s natural comfort!

Wonderful, wearable, self-cleaning wool.

Wool fibres wick moisture away
from your skin and release it to the air, essentially a self-cleaning process unique to wool. That's why we say “Wear your Glerups barefoot for total comfort!”

Barefoot is best.

Wool ‘breathes’ to keep feet comfortable no matter what the ambient temperature. So, go ahead and kick your socks off!

*Available for shipping in Canada only

  • 100% pure, natural wool uppers
  • Double-layer inner sole
  • Vegetable-tanned leather soles

How to care for the Glerups Wool Boot Slipper:

1. Since wool has a natural ability to self-clean, your Glerups will stay fresh if you simply air them out and allow them to rest.
2. To remove stains gently clean the area with a wet cloth and wool soap. You may have to repeat the process a few times, and make sure you leave the slippers to dry before starting over again.
3. Vacuum or blow your Glerups clean of dust. Leather soles can be brushed and cleaned with a suede brush.
4. Rubber soles can be wiped with a wet cloth—make sure to dry after cleaning as they can be slippery on wet and icy surfaces such as tile flooring.

Should my Glerups be shedding?

Your Glerups usually shed within the first 3-4 weeks of wear giving you a long-lasting comfortable feel. This is normal due to the natural treatment of our wool. Simply pluck the shedding fibres off and discard as desired.

Should I wear my Glerups with bare feet?

Yes, wool keeps the sheep’s bare skin just the right temperature and it will do the same for your bare skin. We recommend that you try your Glerups without socks. Wool and skin work naturally together. As we say in Denmark—bare is better!

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